The SportSweeper™

A simple and effective sweeping solution designed to remove debris from all types of playing surfaces.

Made in the USA | 5 Year Warranty | 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Ultimate Sports Field Sweeping System

Professional Installers, Groundskeepers, Maintenance Crews and Sports Facility Operators that turn to this solution have common concerns:

  • They understand the large financial investment that their playing surfaces represent, and they are the ones expected to ensure optimal performance and to prolong their serviceable life by as much as possible.
  • They’ve seen bobby pins, cleats, streamers, sunflower seeds, and other debris littering their fields, and understand the importance of regular field sweeping because it reduces the health and safety risks to players and participants.
  • Frequently, their existing sweeping and maintenance equipment is heavy, complicated, slow, and cumbersome to use. Sometimes this discourages their utilization.
  • They are looking for a sweeping solution that can integrate well with their existing regularly scheduled maintenance operations OR be deployed quickly and effectively on an as needed basis.
  • They want a versatile tool set that can accommodate their diverse playing and sports surfaces, including natural turf fields, synthetic fields with infill, track facilities, and tennis courts.
  • Most of these managers are struggling with time, staff, and budgetary constraints, so any solution they might consider must be affordable, quick to use, and require minimal manpower to operate.

Our company has developed the SportSweeper™ Sweeper to address these needs.

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The SportSweeper™ is the sweeping and grooming solution you have been looking for because:

It is designed for one-person operation.

It can be towed by any golf cart, UTV, or tractor.

It has a fast-operating speed of 5-10 mph allowing you to sweep large areas quickly.

It’s lightweight design, simple operation, and easy storage system alleviates frustrations that other sweepers cause.

It is essentially maintenance free. 

It collects more debris and grooms surfaces better and faster that any other product on the market.


One of the biggest advantages of artificial and synthetic sports fields is playability. You can play on artificial fields at any time of the year, day or night.

Artificial fields also give the benefit of reduced costs and maintenance time. Much like natural sports playing fields, synthetic fields require maintenance as well, but not as much as natural fields. The fiber needs to be kept upright, infill crumb rubber preserved, and debris removed.

Single SportSweeper™ (SPORT-RZR-6-SYN)

  • Our Single Assembly tows one 6-foot wide sweeper mat, providing you with an ample sweeping path that still allows you to make sharper turns and navigate relatively narrow surface areas
  • Scalable – Easy to upgrade
  • Portable – Easy to deploy

Duplex SportSweeper™ (SPORT-RZR-DPLX-SYN)

  • Our Duplex Assembly tows two 6-feet mats side-by-side to create a 12-foot sweeping path that cuts your driving time in half
  • An attached crossbar assures that the two FOD sweeper mats are towed in tandem, handle turns in a coordinated fashion, and remain a safe distance from the tow vehicle
  • Modular Flexibility: You can easily split up your Duplex and tow each sweeper mat behind a separate vehicle as a Single Assembly

USA Friction Mat Sweeper Technology

  • Durable USA woven nylon-fiber mats that glide over sports fields
  • O-ring for easy set-up

How does the SportSweeper™ work?

One of the key features of the SportSweeper™ is its gentle yet thorough cleaning action. This means that it can effectively remove debris from the playing surface without damaging the turf or infill. In fact, the SportSweeper™ is designed to save hours of hard work from your regular field maintenance routines. By using this tool, you can not only save time, but also save money by reducing the need for labor-intensive manual cleaning.

We understand that synthetic sports fields come in many forms, and each has its own distinct maintenance needs. For this reason, we have designed the SportSweeper™ with a fine sieve system that removes debris from the playing surface while allowing rubber crumb infill or sand to filter back into the turf’s surface. This ensures that your field stays in top condition while minimizing the amount of infill that needs to be replaced.

Emptying the SportSweeper™ is a quick and straightforward process that can be accomplished in just a few minutes. The system is designed so that debris can be easily removed by shaking it out in a designated area. This eliminates the need for messy and time-consuming cleanup procedures and allows you to get back to the task at hand quickly.